We design, build, assemble and consult in electrical installations and telecommunications. We apply intelligent concepts and specifications along with cutting-edge technology for both industrial and commercial projects. Our services include:

Commissioning, installing, and assembling Electrical Substations and Medium Voltage Distribution Systems:

We guarantee the efficient implementation of electrical substations and medium voltage distribution systems. From installation to commissioning, we provide safe and reliable electrical solutions.

Low Voltage Electrical Systems

We offer advanced lighting solutions and control systems to manage and optimize energy efficiency, providing intelligently lit environments.

Lighting and control systems

We offer advanced lighting solutions and control systems to manage and optimize energy efficiency, providing intelligently illuminated environments.

Grounding & Lightning Protection Systems

We implement grounding systems to ensure electrical safety and lightning protection systems to prevent damage to installations.

Redundancy & Backup Systems (UPS and Generators)

We ensure the continuity of electrical supply by installing backup systems such as UPS and generators, guaranteeing operability in critical situations

Structured Cabling and Fiber Optic Systems

We design and implement structured cabling and fiber optic networks to ensure communication infrastructures are fast and reliable communication infrastructure.

Fire Detection & Alarm Security Systems

We provide comprehensive security solutions with alarm and fire detection systems to protect your facilities and personnel.

CCTV & Access Control

We manage and control access to your facilities with access control solutions and CCTV systems for effective surveillance.


We implement automated systems to improve operational efficiency, intelligently controlling processes and devices.

Data Centers

We design, build, and maintain data centers, ensuring optimal conditions for the operation of computer and communication equipment.

Audit, supervision, and consulting

We offer evaluation, supervision, and advisory services to enhance the efficiency and safety of your electrical and technological infrastructures.

Structured Cabling Infrastructure Certification and Diagnostics

We certify and diagnose structured cabling infrastructure to ensure compliance with standards and efficiency in data transmission.

Maintenance and technical support on all systems we install

We provide continuous maintenance and technical support services to ensure the optimal operation over time of all installed systems.

IIOT - Industrial Internet of Things

We implement Industrial Internet of Things solutions to facilitate collecting and analyzing data to improve efficiency and strategic decision-making.