The recent needs and difficulties experienced by the industrial market, as well as large energy consumers in general, call for comprehensive, integrated, and quality solutions. Similarly, state regulatory requirements compel companies to find efficient and prompt solutions, not only to meet the mandated directives but also to directly assist in managing energy consumption more effectively.


Power Quality Study

We analyze your installations, measure your electrical parameters, and diagnose your processes to deliver a comprehensive report with conclusions that lead to recommendations for energy efficiency.

Inspection, Diagnosis, and RETIE Evaluation

When you need to modernize your facilities to enhance safety in the electrical realm or when you need to process an insurance policy to secure your assets and insurance companies require RETIE certification, we provide advice, sizing, and execution of electrical corrections. We ensure that the installations are approved by a certifying entity.

IoT for Capacitor Banks

If you already have a capacitor bank, there may be instances of overcompensation, resulting in excess capacitive reactive energy. For such cases, we install an automatic reactive power regulator with state-of-the-art features in terms of connectivity, communication, and data delivery. These features allow us to analyze and diagnose the electrical network more effectively and establish mechanisms for optimizing the battery bank.

Electric Mobility Chargers

We have the engineering expertise and equipment to adapt your facilities, thus providing power for electric vehicle charging, in compliance with energy and environmental regulations.

Consulting and Audit Services in ISO 50001

The ISO 50001 certification validates you as an energy-reliable company. We provide consultancy and auditing to ensure energy management improvement, and at the same time, we are capable of offering a comprehensive solution, from engineering to executing the electrical work and supplying the equipment.

Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Solutions

After conducting an ECE, your RETIE evaluation, or the ISO 50001 audit, we proceed to dimension the appropriate solution for your specific case. We cover everything from design, complete engineering, and all related deliverables. We execute the electrical work with the necessary equipment in collaboration with our strategic partner, Circutor, and provide all subsequent services to fully ensure the energy efficiency of your facilities.


Circutor is a Spanish-origin company with 50 years of experience supplying equipment worlwide, focused on addressing electrical sector requirements associated with protection, control, measurement, compensation, management, and energy efficiency, electric mobility, and photovoltaic solutions. Since 2024, Circutor has become a strategic partner of JIC Engineering to cover their entire product portfolio. We are proud to collaborate with a manufacturer of such prestige and experience.

Product Divisions We Collaborate on with Our Partner

Measurement and Control


Protection and Control

Reactive Power Compensation and Harmonic Filtering

Smart Charging for Electric Vehicles

Renewable Energies